Extra Special Malt

Extra Special Malt is a hybrid drum roasted malt with a very different in flavor compared to Caramel Malt 120L.

Malt Style Drum Roasted Specialty Malt. Flavor: Toasted marshmallow, toast, mild coffee, prunes, dry, woody. Color: Dark red / deep copper, Lighter brown hues at higher percentage

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Extra Special Malt

LovibondFlavorUnique Characteristics/ Applications
130Toasted marshmallow, toast, mild coffee, prunes, dry, woody

Biscuit-style Malt.
This hybrid drum roasted malt has a flavor very different than Caramel Malt 120. 
A proprietary drum roasting process develops both caramel and dry roasted flavors.

Good in high gravity beers like Doppelbock, and mid to dark belgian style ales. Adds complexity to Abbey and darker styles like dry Irish Stouts and Porters. Or use in lighter colored, lighter gravity beers for rich, complex flavor.

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