About us

At Better Brewing, we are passionate about providing you with the finest brewing ingredients available so you can make the highest quality beer. Our goal is to offer a superior selection of products for the homebrewing community. Our craft is your craft; we appreciate joining you on your brewing journey.

Our goal is to allow homebrew retail stores nationally the opportunity to purchase our products direct via this website, www.betterbrewing.com. By making Briess’ whole kernel, milled, dry extract, and liquid extract products available direct, we give homebrew retailers the freshest products possible. As we grow our catalog, we hope you will grow with us.

Are you a homebrew shop retailer? Are you a homebrew e-commerce retailer? Are you looking to source ingredients direct? Create an account to learn more and we will provide you with pricing and availability. We here to assist with your home brewing ingredient needs. Feel free to connect with us at info@betterbrewing.com.

Cheers and Happy Homebrewing!