Bavarian Schwarzbier

Full flavored Schwarzbier featuring a Munich and Caramel Malt backbone with a touch of Chocolate Malt.

Belgian Chocolate Stout

This chocolate focused malt bill is complimented by the richness of Caramel Malt 90L and Roasted Barley, and further enhanced by the complex flavors imparted from a blend of Belgian yeast strains.

Crystal Brewed Persuasion

English-style strong ale brewed with seven varieties of Briess Caramel Malt. The crystallized sugars in these malts will impart flavors ranging from candy-like, to toffee, to raisin and prunes.

English Brown Ale, Mild

Session style English brown ale.

Munich Madness Bock

Steeping caramel and chocolate malts adds just the right touch of deep flavor to this rich and malty traditional German lager.

Oompah Band Alt

An inclusion of Briess Carabrown® Malt puts a nutty twist on this lager-like German ale.