Achtung! Alt!

This German amber style is often well received by those not familiar with the historic regional style. Clean finish, malty undertones, a big foamy head, and a nice bright splash of German nobles hops give a perfectly balanced ale. If you haven't yet, give a try to the tasty session beer of Düsseldorf.

Belgian Quadrupel

This recipe combines high quality specialty malts, a generous amount of gravity boosting extract and a yeast blend that imparts a wonderful Belgian character to create this smooth and richly-complex brew.

Black Forest Schwarzbier I

Formulated by Black Forest Brew Haus Brewmaster Joe Hayes, this dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.

Black Forest Schwarzbier II

This dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.

Dubbel Black

Trappist style beer forumlated to appear deceptively dark while exhibiting the dramatic fruit and malt flavors expected from a Belgian Dubbel.

Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout.


This recipe packs in eight Briess tgrademarked malts. Fermented and hopped as an Oktoberfest it is set apart by its distinct nutty and subtle roasted character.

Pally Porter

The perfect porter for prolonged sessions with pals.

Schwartzchild Black IPA

Formulated with Briess Blackprinz® Malt, this IPA will beguile the mind with its light enveloping blackness while exhibiting the enormous hoppiness of a well structure IPA.

Session Stout

Dry Stout formulated to have a moderate alcohol level with restrained roasted and hop characters well suited for extended consumption sessions.

Tactical IPA

(Makes 15 gallons) In the gun community there is a saying, paint it black and call it tactical. My hunting buddies are all brewers and we enjoy our time in the woods whether or not we harvest game. A big part of that camaraderie is the time we spend after the guns are put away and we sit around to enjoy our fellowship over a few beers. Tactical Black IPA was made with those times in mind. Richly flavored, full-bodied, black but American-style hoppy, not imported-style roasty, warming for cool fall and winter evenings when the sun sets, the shooting hours cease, and story telling brings laughter in the otherwise quiet black woods. We are after all, Americans.

Ziegegeist Bock

This haunting black bock is fashioned after traditional bock recipes with the addition of bitterless black malt; crafted to impart large amounts of color with a clean dark roasted character.