American-Style Marzen

Complex malt character with bread and biscuit-like flavors, balanced with a subtle toffee-like sweetness.

Ashburne® Märzen

This Marzen is packed with malty, sweet and toasted notes imparted by generous amounts of Briess Ashburne® Mild Malt.

Belgian Quadrupel

This recipe combines high quality specialty malts, a generous amount of gravity boosting extract and a yeast blend that imparts a wonderful Belgian character to create this smooth and richly-complex brew.


Makes 5 bbl batch. Deep amber colored, rich and malty strong lager.

Caracrystal® Abbey Ale

Abbey-style ale formulated with the distinctive flavor of Caracrystal® Wheat Malt.

Double Marzen

Small amounts of sugar help to lighten the body and balance the incredible amounts of malt character in this rich lager.

Dubbel Reserve

Made with Caracrystal® Wheat Malt for creamy sweetness and Carabrown® Malt for nutty, malty complexity. A limited edition platinum strain of yeast provides a clean, slightly acidic character that makes this balanced ale dubbely delicious.

Gold Faithful Belgian Extra Pale Ale

Belgian Pale Ale is the often overlooked cousin to its English counterpart. It's been around hundreds of years and comes in numerous variations. A fine version gives you great complexity and will often showcase Saaz and Goldings type hops. This one comes in a bit hoppier than traditional, and uses Antwerp Ale yeast to accentuate the bitterness and hop flavors.

Gregorian's Fifth Maibock

The German inspired bock is brewed in the winter months and lagered until spring to develop its clean malty profile while displaying a gentle hop character.


Recipe for 10-bbl batch

Midnight Dunkelweizen

White Labs Hefeweizen IV yeast strain gives this dunkelweizen an evident clove character with an exceptionally crisp finish subtly balanced malty and dark roasted flavors.

Mowing The Monastery Belgian Single

Referred to as an Enkel (“single” in Dutch,) or Patersbier (“father’s beer”,) the Belgian single is the “lawnmower” beer of the Belgian monks. This sessionable style does not get in the way of one’s daily endeavors like the higher gravity trappist styles would tend to do.

One Might Fine Barleywine

If you're looking for something to age, maybe for the holidays, or you've got a bourbon barrel to fill, give this barleywine a try. It's been built to age with over 100 IBUs of hops and has and ABV of 11.4%. Cap or cork the bottles with some wax - you'll keep carbonation in and oxygen out during the aging process.

Rhein Bock

Somewhere between the maltiness of Austrian dopplebocks and the high alcohol tolerance of Zurich lager yeast lies the inspiration for Rhein Bock.

Rogerfest Cherry Wood Lager

Special thanks to Charlie Papazian for sharing this recipe with us! Charlie created this recipe shortly after Briess introduced Cherry Wood Smoked Malt in 2009. He named his recipe after the late Roger Briess, and it appeared in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Zymurgy Magazine. "He was truly a friend and fan of American homebrewers from the beginning of our hobby's foundation," Charlie wrote. "There's always a good reason to celebrate Roger's enthusiasm. For now it's with Rogerfest Cherrywood Lager." More than 60% of the grist is Cherry Wood Smoked Malt, after Charlie read that recommended usage is limited to 60 percent of the grist. "Holy moly!" he continued. "Is that a dare or isn't it? There it was, confronting my homebrew sensibilities, saying to me, 'I dare you to use more than 60 percent!' So I did." This beer is designed with sweetness, body and floral-honey-like hop aroma and Charlie says it was a 'grand slam!'. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Sterkte van Belgie Ale

This Belgian Dark Strong Ale combines dark-caramel and Munich-type maltiness with complex esters and phenolics, imparted by White Lab's Belgian Strong Ale Yeast.

Two Belgians (Belgian Dubble)

Full-bodied, complex, satisfying Trappist-style ale. Displays a wide range of malt flavors alongside wonderful ester and phenol flavors produced by a Belgian-style yeast blend.

Ziegegeist Bock

This haunting black bock is fashioned after traditional bock recipes with the addition of bitterless black malt; crafted to impart large amounts of color with a clean dark roasted character.