12,000 Click Cream Ale

Separated by the Pacific Ocean, these ingredients combined to create a U.S. original with Australian influence that is both flavorful and refreshing.

Abbey On My Way Ale

Rich toffee, nut and raisin notes are contributed by the combination of the specially processed malts.

Alpinator (Doppelbock)

A rich maltiness will dominate your palate when you taste this doppelbock. The recipe is balanced by an unmistakable alcohol presence achieved with the Zurich lager yeast.

Apollo Creed Cascadian Dark Ale

Opaque beer with a nice creamy mouthfeel and alot of hops!

Belgian Golden Strong

Rich, with a wonderful marriage of fruity, spicy, alcohol and malty flavors, this Belgian ale is the perfect accompaniment to a chaise lounge chair and a sunset. Characterized by its high alcohol content, it's surprisingly light on the palate, thanks to the rock candy.

Belgian Wit

Makes 7 bbl batch. Unfiltered and traditionally hazy, this has the distinctive spicy and citrus aroma.

Benefit Ale

Makes 5 gallon batch. Recipe designed and brewed by Colby Chandler of Ballast Point Brewing Co. White labs donates $.19 per vial sold to the charity Beer for Boobs for the month of October.

Berliner Weisse

Fermented with a blend of Hefeweizen yeast and Lactobacillus, this German Wheat beer is refreshingly clean and tart. Its acidity will properly develop in the bottle or keg for 4 to 6 months, at which time your patience will be rewarded with a delightful mouth puckering crispness that compliments the soft maltiness of this brew.

Double Marzen

Small amounts of sugar help to lighten the body and balance the incredible amounts of malt character in this rich lager.

Exported Scotch Ale

Malty and complex. The small amount of Briess Smoked Malt adds another level of decadence.

Exported Scotch Ale I

Malty and complex. The small amount of Briess Smoked Malt adds another level of decadence.

Fall Ale

This amber/brown Belgian-inspired ale has a distinctly nutty, biscuity warmth perfect for cooler weather.

Flanders Brown

Longer aging helps develop the slight sour characteristic of this malty Belgian-style brown ale. A medium to full bodied brew with low to moderate carbonation and no astringency is fitting for this final "sweet and tart" finish.

Golden Dragon Belgian Strong Ale

From East Flanders, versatile yeast that can produce light Belgian ale to high gravity Belgian beers. A combination of fruitiness and phenolic characteristics dominate the flavor profile. Some sulfur is produced during fermentation, which will dissipate following the end of fermentation.

Grain Hoarder Porter

Robust porter is a beautifully broad style, allowing numerous types of malt, yeast and hops. The interpretation below focuses on English varieties of hops and yeast, creating a wonderful traditional representation utilizing 5 pounds of 5 varieties of malt, hence the name.

Heroes 19

This American-style Brown Ale was developed by Prescott Brewing Co. to honor the 19 brave Granite Mountain Hotshots who died while battling the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona in 2013. It features 19 hops variety - one for each firefighter. The beer was brewed at Prescott Brewing Co. in collaboration with 35 independent brewers and members of the AZ Craft Brewers Guild.

Maltinator Doppelbock

This uber malty Doppelbock is based on the Oktoberfest beer style. Rich, warm, malty and toasty. Perfect for cool weather. Enjoy some in the spring and again in October.


This Marzen or Oktoberfest style beer has a malt character that will make you want to get up and march! Traditionally brewed in March and served in late September, this beer will be ready to drink in a month and a half and good anytime of the year.

Multigrain Porter

Malted wheat lends a richness and malted rye lends a dryness that complement the chocolate malts in this California-style porter.

Rye-Rye Imperial IPA

Briess Rye malt and Caramel Rye malt are a perfect wight to add a subtle depth of flavor against the 8 ounces of hops in the Double IPA. At 8% ABV and 98 IBUs, this big beer is surprisingly well balanced with beautiful Galaxy hop aroma.

White Cherry

The tartness of the cherries complements the malt sweetness and spiciness of the yeast in this reddish hued, Belgian inspired, summer fruit beer.

Ziegegeist Bock

This haunting black bock is fashioned after traditional bock recipes with the addition of bitterless black malt; crafted to impart large amounts of color with a clean dark roasted character.