Bedford Brown Ale

This brown ale was crafted to emulate those of southern England. The Bedford yeast will result in a dry finish with a distinctively English ester profile.


Black IPA


Deutsch Mexikaner Lager

Germans began immigrating to Mexico hundreds of years ago. If there’s one thing Germans always bring with them, it’s their love of beer and their brewing tradition. The Vienna lager style is alive and well in Mexico through commercial breweries steeped in German tradition.


Easy Peasy IPA

This IPA focuses on big flavor and drinkability, and is a cinch to brew.


Frostbite White IPA

A winter seasonal style that emerged from IPA, the most popular craft beer style in the US. It uses a combination that takes the grain bill of Belgian Witbier, but utilizes American hops. The wheat base stands up well against the citrus hops.


Gold Faithful Belgian Extra Pale Ale

Belgian Pale Ale is the often overlooked cousin to its English counterpart. It's been around hundreds of years and comes in numerous variations. A fine version gives you great complexity and will often showcase Saaz and Goldings type hops. This one comes in a bit hoppier than traditional, and uses Antwerp Ale yeast to accentuate the bitterness and hop flavors.


Goofy Juice Belgian Ale

This light colored, fruity ale is deceptively easy drinking. Its complex character ages very well up to 8 months and pairs nicely with many foods.


Hop Bomb Imperial IPA

Quaffable after a big day of shooting the curl, this insanely hoppy, big beer is quite crisp and refreshing due to its high attenuation and incredible floral character.


Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout.


Kiss Me Anytime Pilsner

This smooth all malt European-style lager is good anytime of the year. An easy drinking beer from a recipe made with the idea of "Keeping It Simple".


Light in the Dark Lager

This smooth, dark colored lager can bring drinkers of light colored beer over to the dark side. With your eyes closed the Schwartz beer is as smooth as a European pilsner.



This Marzen or Oktoberfest style beer has a malt character that will make you want to get up and march! Traditionally brewed in March and served in late September, this beer will be ready to drink in a month and a half and good anytime of the year.


Mowing The Monastery Belgian Single

Referred to as an Enkel (“single” in Dutch,) or Patersbier (“father’s beer”,) the Belgian single is the “lawnmower” beer of the Belgian monks. This sessionable style does not get in the way of one’s daily endeavors like the higher gravity trappist styles would tend to do.


Munich Madness Bock

Steeping caramel and chocolate malts adds just the right touch of deep flavor to this rich and malty traditional German lager.


Oktoberfestival Beer

This malty lager is worth celebrating year round. Pair it with a platter of fresh creamy cheese and enjoy!


Premium Bitter

A moderate fruit character imparted by Pacific Ale Yeast is paired with subtle toasty and caramel notes to create this flavorful yet extremely drinkable ale.


Red Cream Lager

The clean crisp character of the Mexican lager yeast allows the smooth, sweet and creamy flavors of the Caracrystal® Wheat Malt to shine through in this balanced red lager


Santa's Little Helper Winter Lager

Sure to fuel the late night gift wrapping session or ease the pain from the sledding accidents, this lightly spiced amber lager ages very well up to 6 months.


Session Stout

Dry Stout formulated to have a moderate alcohol level with restrained roasted and hop characters well suited for extended consumption sessions.


Summer Saison

This fruity, complex ale is surprisingly light and dangerously easy drinking. Brewed in the summer, it will be good with changing complexity until well after Christmas.


Touch of Rye Lager

Subtle notes of rye project through the caramel sweetness and noble-hop aroma of this dark American Lager.