American-Style Marzen

Complex malt character with bread and biscuit-like flavors, balanced with a subtle toffee-like sweetness.

Belgian Golden Strong

Rich,with a wonderful marriage of fruity, spicy, alcohol and malty flavors, this Belgian ale is the perfect accompaniment to a chaise lounge chair and a sunset. Characterized by its high alcohol content, it's surprisingly light on the palate, thanks to the rock candy.

Biere de Garde I

You'll quickly find this "beer for the keeping" anything but that. Rich, complex, malty and moderately strong, it'll quickly become a favorite and will be difficult to "keep" around.

Biere de Garde II

Extra Special Malt brings new meaning to the word "complex" in this rich, complex and moderately strong brew.

Dubbel Black

Trappist style beer forumlated to appear deceptively dark while exhibiting the dramatic fruit and malt flavors expected from a Belgian Dubbel.


Two unique malts—Briess Midnight Wheat and Briess Goldpils® Vienna—are united with a classic Bavarian yeast to produce a deceptively dark Dunkelweizen with a flavor profile true to its stylistic roots.

East Coast Cream

An original American style of beer, this cream ale is full bodied yet very light and drinkable.

Frostbite White IPA

A winter seasonal style that emerged from IPA, the most popular craft beer style in the US. It uses a combination that takes the grain bill of Belgian Witbier, but utilizes American hops. The wheat base stands up well against the citrus hops.

Heroes 19

This American-style Brown Ale was developed by Prescott Brewing Co. to honor the 19 brave Granite Mountain Hotshots who died while battling the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona in 2013. It features 19 hops variety - one for each firefighter. The beer was brewed at Prescott Brewing Co. in collaboration with 35 independent brewers and members of the AZ Craft Brewers Guild.


Recipe for 10-bbl batch

Multigrain Porter

Malted wheat lends a richness and malted rye lends a dryness that complement the chocolate malts in this California-style porter.

Multigrain Witbier

The use of multiple brewing flakes imparts a unique grainy character to this light, fruity, and refreshing beer style.

Spice Coast Belgian Wit

This spicy Belgian Witbier is a beautifully complex beer with four different finishing spices. Coriander and orange peel are the traditional ingredients, but in many old farm house recipes from Belgium you will find Grains of Paradise and Cumin as well. Variety is the spice of life!

Summer Fun Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse is a sour beer fan favorite. Clean, tart, and refreshing, this recipe adds just 2 ounces of Briess special roast malt for an interesting tangy biscuit flavor. The White Labs Berliner Weisse blend utilizes a traditional German Weizen yeast that gives way to the tangy goodness of lactobacillus over time.

Three Wheat Wit

Spicy yeast notes blend with fruity and citrus character to create a very flavorful and complex, yet surprisingly light beer. Three wheats lend body and stable haze to this classic Belgian style ale.

Wit or Witout

Refreshing, light,'s's WIT! With it you are equipped to relax in the heat of summer, without it you may find yourself anticipating the cooler days of fall.