“Wit”ness Pale Ale

If you’re a fan of white IPAs looking for something a bit lower in ABV, give a white pale ale a try. This one features zesty hop aroma along with flavor of orange and tangerine.

Achtung! Alt!

This German amber style is often well received by those not familiar with the historic regional style. Clean finish, malty undertones, a big foamy head, and a nice bright splash of German nobles hops give a perfectly balanced ale. If you haven't yet, give a try to the tasty session beer of Düsseldorf.

Amaze (ake) Me Japanese Pilsner

Special mashing and wort collection procedures produce an exceptionally light colored, clean flavored and super dry lager.

American Dark Wheat

The exceptionally smooth, subtle caramel notes of the Caracrystal® Wheat Malt really shine through in this lightly hopped American style wheat beer. Recipe developed by Kevin Eichelberger, Red Eye Brewing Co., Wausau, Wisconsin, summer 2009.

Ashburne® Märzen

This Marzen is packed with malty, sweet and toasted notes imparted by generous amounts of Briess Ashburne® Mild Malt.

Belgian Pilsner

This all malt pilsner is brewed with Belgian Lager Yeast and contains an abundance of hops in true pilsner style.

Belgian Quadrupel

This recipe combines high quality specialty malts, a generous amount of gravity boosting extract and a yeast blend that imparts a wonderful Belgian character to create this smooth and richly-complex brew.

Biere de Wallonia

White Labs Belgian Saison II Yeast makes this beer light and fruity with a moderate clove-like character. Expect it to ferment faster than other Saison strains.

Black Forest Schwarzbier I

Formulated by Black Forest Brew Haus Brewmaster Joe Hayes, this dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.

Black Forest Schwarzbier II

This dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.

Black Lager (Schwarzbier)

Clear lager character and subtle coffee flavor are the distinguishing characteristics of this dark, yet surprisingly light flavored beer. A refreshing alternative to stouts and porters on a blustery winter day.


Makes 5 bbl batch. Deep amber colored, rich and malty strong lager.

Briess Goldpils® Vienna Export

Dortmunder style lager brewed with Goldpils® Vienna Malt.

Dry Irish Stout

Briess Technical Services Manager Bob Hansen developed this tribute to our new Bitterless Black Malt noting, "The Midnight Wheat Malt adds an exceptionally smooth, non-bitter, dry roasted note to this stout."

Dry Smoked Stout

Dubbel Reserve

Made with Caracrystal® Wheat Malt for creamy sweetness and Carabrown® Malt for nutty, malty complexity. A limited edition platinum strain of yeast provides a clean, slightly acidic character that makes this balanced ale dubbely delicious.

Dusseldorf Alt

Fermenting at cool ale temperatures develops the clean and smooth, yet rich malt character of this German-style beer.

Flemish Brown

Brewed with a mix of Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and the bacterial strains Lactobacillus and Pediococcus; the sour character will continually change with extended aging in secondary fermentation. Traditional styles are aged up to 3 years before bottling.

German Style Pilsner

Makes 7 bbl batch. Medium bodied, clean and quite hoppy.

Gregorian's Fifth Maibock

The German inspired bock is brewed in the winter months and lagered until spring to develop its clean malty profile while displaying a gentle hop character.

Hella Good Helles

Often described as the light beer for dark beer drinkers. A malt accentuated style created in Munich in 1895 as a locally brewed alternative to the pilsner imports popular in the region. Two types of yeast add to the complexity.

Ignatius Pils

In 1876 Ignatius Briess began malting barley grown in the Moravian valley of his Czechoslovakian homeland. Now, 140 years and 5,000 miles removed Briess continues producing traditional Moravian-style Pilsen malt.

long Black Veil Schwarzbier

There is something unique about a good Schwarzbier. It's smooth, sensual, and dark but not bitter. This recipe strives for perfect balance in this black lager. Don't let the color fool you, this beer shouldn't be harsh or heavy, but a bready and toasted cleanly finished lager.

Multigrain Witbier

The use of multiple brewing flakes imparts a unique grainy character to this light, fruity, and refreshing beer style.

Munich Lager

Rampant Lion (Flanders Ale)

Dark ale fermented with a Flemish sour blend of Saccharomyces yeast, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus; resulting in a complex, dark stone fruit character.

Rhein Bock

Somewhere between the maltiness of Austrian dopplebocks and the high alcohol tolerance of Zurich lager yeast lies the inspiration for Rhein Bock.

Sierra Nevada Black Vapor

This collaboration beer was brewed on Sierra Nevada's 10 BBL pilot brewery in Chico, CA for the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco. This "steam" style hybrid beer was a nod to the rich brewing heritage at Anchor Brewing Co. though with a twist by darkening up this style with Midnight Wheat malt.

Sock Hop Helles Bock

Brew in March or April for an exceptional malty treat in May. Also known as a Maibock, this big, malty lager is a springtime tradition gaining in popularity in both Germany and America alike.

Spice Coast Belgian Wit

This spicy Belgian Witbier is a beautifully complex beer with four different finishing spices. Coriander and orange peel are the traditional ingredients, but in many old farm house recipes from Belgium you will find Grains of Paradise and Cumin as well. Variety is the spice of life!

Summer Fun Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse is a sour beer fan favorite. Clean, tart, and refreshing, this recipe adds just 2 ounces of Briess special roast malt for an interesting tangy biscuit flavor. The White Labs Berliner Weisse blend utilizes a traditional German Weizen yeast that gives way to the tangy goodness of lactobacillus over time.

Sunnydale Pale Ale

Caracrystal® Wheat Malt adds a nice "softness" to the finish in this full-flavored pale ale. Recipe developed by Doug Hindman, Elliot Bay Brewing Co., Burien, Wash., summer 2009.

Toboggan Tripel

Nothing will warm your soul after a long hard day of sledding like a Tripel. Creamy in texture and easy to drink, this golden colored beer hides it’s high ABV well.

Two Belgians (Belgian Dubble)

Full-bodied, complex, satisfying Trappist-style ale. Displays a wide range of malt flavors alongside wonderful ester and phenol flavors produced by a Belgian-style yeast blend

White Kölsch With Rye

This White (Weiß or Weiss) Kölsch style is an unfiltered version of a traditional Kölsch which often contains wheat. This recipe substitutes rye malt for wheat and pairs it with Tettnang hops to create a unique Kölsch with a slightly spicy character.

Wit or Witout

Refreshing, light, tangy...it's summer...it's WIT! With it you are equipped to relax in the heat of summer, without it you may find yourself anticipating the cooler days of fall.