American Pale Ale

Makes 7 bbl batch. Medium bodied, golden amber color with a strong floral aroma. This is a big Pale Ale!


Batch 2100

This is a special beer to commemorate the 2100th brew of Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co. It is a SMaSH beer, made from a Single-Malt & Single-Hop recipe. We put it on tap during American Craft Beer Week. Batch Size = 9 bbls


Bedford Brown Ale

This brown ale was crafted to emulate those of southern England. The Bedford yeast will result in a dry finish with a distinctively English ester profile.


Belgian Strong Ale

This Belgian Strong Ale showcases a wide variety of flavors imparted from spices, hops, dark candi sugar and a variety of malts.


Black IPA - All Grain


Briess Carabrown® Beer

This light brown ale has the amber/orange hues of an Oktoberfest. Malty and lightly hopped, it's a well balanced session beer with toasty/bread-like notes. Recipe developed by Bill Eye, Dry Dock Brewing Co., Aurora Colorado, and David Richter, Briess Division Manager-West.


Carabrown® Porter

This Porter is crafted with Carabrown® Malt. It lends a unique slightly sweet and toasted flavor.


Caracrystal® Abbey Ale

Abbey-style ale formulated with the distinctive flavor of Caracrystal® Wheat Malt.


Caracrystal® Stout

Dry stout with an inclusion of Caracrystal® Wheat Malt which imparts a distinctive blend of bready, subtle caramel, and dark toast flavors.


Crystal Brewed Persuasion

English-style strong ale brewed with seven varieties of Briess Caramel Malt. The crystallized sugars in these malts will impart flavors ranging from candy-like, to toffee, to raisin and prunes.


Dan's Dark Chocolate Ale - 1 bbl


Dan's Dark Chocolate Ale - 5 gallon


Dark Red Ale

Traditional porter recipe with a twist; this beer exhibits a dark red color with a distinct roasty-sourdough malt character.


Dry Smoked Stout


Dubbel Black

Trappist style beer forumlated to appear deceptively dark while exhibiting the dramatic fruit and malt flavors expected from a Belgian Dubbel.


East Coast Amber Ale

Made with White Labs "Brewer Patriot" strain, this ale contains a harmonious balance of several distinctive malts and a pleasant hop character.


Ebenezer's Elation

Combining gingerbread inspired spices and a malty sweetness, this spiced ale should fill the grumpiest of humbugging Scrooges with holiday elation.


English Brown Ale, Mild

Session style English brown ale.



This Extra "Special Roast" Bitter (E. S. R. B.) showcases the biscuit, tangy-sourdough character of Briess' Special Roast Malt.


Good Humans

Carabrown® Malt Recipe for 28bbl batch. Used at 11%, Carabrown® Malt adds an additional layer of flavor to this complex double brown ale.


Heroes 19

This American-style Brown Ale was developed by Prescott Brewing Co. to honor the 19 brave Granite Mountain Hotshots who died while battling the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona in 2013. It features 19 hops variety - one for each firefighter. The beer was brewed at Prescott Brewing Co. in collaboration with 35 independent brewers and members of the AZ Craft Brewers Guild.


Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout.


Mariposa Pale Ale

In the heart San Francisco, on Mariposa street, back in 1975, a brewery had the idea to make an American bitter, what soon became American Pale Ale. This is a tribute to the early makers of American Pale Ale, a style that helped resurrect an industry.


Mild Child

The session beer of session beers. Milds have fallen out of favor in the US and across the pond, but when you want a beer and there's work to be done, look no further than the magnificent Mild.


Old Sonoma Pale Ale

This British inspired Pale Ale uses a yeast strain from an historic brewery in Northern California which was embraced by the early pioneers of craft beer in America.


Pally Porter

The perfect porter for prolonged sessions with pals.


Sterkte van Belgie Ale

This Belgian Dark Strong Ale combines dark-caramel and Munich-type maltiness with complex esters and phenolics, imparted by White Lab's Belgian Strong Ale Yeast.


Tactical IPA

(Makes 15 gallons) In the gun community there is a saying, paint it black and call it tactical. My hunting buddies are all brewers and we enjoy our time in the woods whether or not we harvest game. A big part of that camaraderie is the time we spend after the guns are put away and we sit around to enjoy our fellowship over a few beers. Tactical Black IPA was made with those times in mind. Richly flavored, full-bodied, black but American-style hoppy, not imported-style roasty, warming for cool fall and winter evenings when the sun sets, the shooting hours cease, and story telling brings laughter in the otherwise quiet black woods. We are after all, Americans.


Talk of the Town

Brown ale showcasing a smooth maltiness and slightly nutty flavor imparted by Carabrown® Malt. This easy to drink ale, styled after Browns found in Northern England, is sure to please all tastes.


The Grand Kielbasa

Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Oh yeah and did we say Pumpkin? Here's an ale made with Pumpkin.


Victory at All Costs

MYou ask, what is the aim of this brown ale? Victory! A bold, nutty, biscuity flavor is achieved through a prolific Victory® Malt addition.


Yorkshire Porter

Malt-driven esters abound in this traditional English Porter.