American Dark Wheat

The exceptionally smooth, subtle caramel notes of the Caracrystal® Wheat Malt really shine through in this lightly hopped American style wheat beer. Recipe developed by Kevin Eichelberger, Red Eye Brewing Co., Wausau, Wisconsin, summer 2009.

American Pale Ale

Makes 7 bbl batch. Medium bodied, golden amber color with a strong floral aroma. This is a big Pale Ale!

Belgian Chocolate Stout

This chocolate focused malt bill is complimented by the richness of Caramel Malt 90L and Roasted Barley, and further enhanced by the complex flavors imparted from a blend of Belgian yeast strains.

Black Forest Schwarzbier I

Formulated by Black Forest Brew Haus Brewmaster Joe Hayes, this dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.

Black Forest Schwarzbier II

This dark mild lager is distinguished with mild chocolate to roasted flavors, balanced with German noble hops.


Makes 5 bbl batch. Deep amber colored, rich and malty strong lager.

Dan's Dark Chocolate Ale - 1 bbl

Dan's Dark Chocolate Ale - 5 gallon

Dark Chocolate Porter

Ebenezer's Elation

Combining gingerbread inspired spices and a malty sweetness, this spiced ale should fill the grumpiest of humbugging Scrooges with holiday elation.

Grain Hoarder Porter

Robust porter is a beautifully broad style, allowing numerous types of malt, yeast and hops. The interpretation below focuses on English varieties of hops and yeast, creating a wonderful traditional representation utilizing 5 pounds of 5 varieties of malt, hence the name.

Munich Madness Bock

Steeping caramel and chocolate malts adds just the right touch of deep flavor to this rich and malty traditional German lager.

Pack Your Bags Porter

Don't worry about carry-on allowances, airport security and fuel surcharges. One taste of this rich, robust English Porter will safely transport you across the pond to the comfort of an English Pub. Rich, subtle chocolate and complex caramel type flavors are balanced by higher hopping rates and a dryer overall finish.

Smoked Porter

Rich and complex with a subtle smoke character, this strong porter will age well for years. A great pair for cheese, game and other rich foods.

Yorkshire Porter

Malt-driven esters abound in this traditional English Porter.